In the spirit of passing on the wisdom of an elderly client, I share this with those of you who are elderly, middle aged or young and in relationship with someone elderly or middle aged. First of all those of us that are elderly or middle aged probably do not call ourselves this - and yet, it is where we are in life! Here is the essence of what this wise man said to me: Growing old gracefully is a series of adjustments. 


When he said it, I got it as well as I could, but he could probably tell I just had a vague notion of what he was really trying to share. So he proceeded to physically demonstrate it. He is a tall stately gentleman with a receded hairline, wearing a soft plaid shirt, and khaki slacks as he sat in the chair in front of my desk. He suddenly curled up his long leg and stretched it forth towards my forehead and put his foot on my desk! He said,  “See! This is an adjustment I made. I only wear comfortable sensible shoes! And, look here (as he pointed to his chest pocket on his shirt). I only buy shirts that have pockets so that I can always have my glasses when I need them. Otherwise I cannot see when it is time to read!…” And he shared other “adjustments” he had made and he shared how easy it has been to grow older, when he discovered for himself that all he had to do was adjust!


What adjustments do you need to make? Perhaps it is in growing older and engaging the bodies we have (as opposed to the bodies we used to have). Perhaps it is navigating raising a teenager and not understanding technology as easily as you think you should. Perhaps it is being in school working on your dreams of a degree and everyone in the class is15 to 20 years younger… I do not know the circumstance or situation you are navigating. Whether it involves, age, your body, parenting, employment, or other matters that are important to you. Take a page from the elders - make the series of adjustments and be flexible!