As we are in the summer months and lots of activity is happening around the city, this note is to remind everyone: get home safely. I often have conversations with persons I represent in traffic and criminal cases about interactions with police. The conversations goes something like this: your one and only objective is to GET HOME SAFELY. You can contest the legality of the stop,  the rudeness of the officer, or any other issue that may arise - later! Your one and only objective is to get home safely in the face of a person who has the ability to take your freedom and your life! My suggestion is to be polite no matter how rude or wrong the officer may be because your one goal is to get home safely. Keep your hands visible and respond appropriately to questions with “Yes Mam/Sir” and “No Mam/Sir” and simply get home safely. 


I have been personally stopped for a pre textual reason and experienced by blood pressure rise, my voice get high and screechy, and the indignation rise in me. If it were not for my spouse calming me down, the interaction would have went very differently. I simply share that because I know in a second emotions flare and it is often difficult to maintain calm and peace. In the face of that difficulty your job is to get home safely! Whatever you do this summer - get home safely to your loved ones and address any issues later. 


So if you need help getting your driver’s license in order or you have upcoming court appearances call us 313-963-1049. As a great resource check out a great video done by the Trinity United Church of Christ of Chicago that every parent should watch with their children. This video is also a great reminder to us adults of how to - get home safely. Please watch:  Get Home Safely 10 Rules of Survival.