As a ferocious advocate for my clients, I pride myself on freeing clients up to concentrate on their children, parents, or other loved ones and the things in life that really matter to them. How I do that is with three values:  

  1. LISTENING to the what are the priorities and wants of the Client. Particularly with people in the family court system, their past experience is often of not being heard. We, as family lawyers do not need to be yet another place where Clients do not feel heard or understood. 
  2. CHALLENGE Clients to keep their focus on the end goal and the future. I will often bring every conversation, action and legal strategy back to what the Client wants in the end. So we do not get mired down in the emotional charge, old resentments, family dynamics, and back and forth reactions. My job is to free the Client up so they can heal in the process and I can do the fighting for them. 
  3. EXPERT INFORMATION & GUIDANCE is given to the Client. I take careful time to answer all the Client’s and their support system’s questions. This is time well spent that will free the Client up to concentrate on their children and important matters in life. I also debunk a lot of the myths of about family court, the Friend of the Court, and law in general. This is important to a Client’s expectations and getting them grounded in what really happens in custody, guardianship, custody, divorce, and other such cases. Managing a Client’s expectations to be realistic is key.

At the end of the day, my job is to keep freeing the Client up so they can concentrate on being thankful for what is being accomplished, thankful for what has already passed and is over, and thankful for the bright future ahead. Thankfulness, will have the Client let go of the old hurts and give the lawyer the negotiating authority to quickly navigate the necessary legal steps. Thankfulness will give the Client the ability focus their energy on matters that make a difference in the long run. Our office has longterm expertise to move matters along quickly so that people can move on with living and not be tied up in legal matters. We are masters at moving the Client out of family court system and into their life! Give us a call 313-963-1049. Follow us on twitter: #mifamilylaw and #reginadjemison for frequent updates and information.