As a family law attorney, I get to see the best and worst of families. I serve people raising children that are not biologically theirs. I serve people who turn over every rock to deliver the best care to aging and physically declining elderly parents. I serve people who are torn apart by petty hurts and use their children in the middle of their mess as a pawn. I serve people who have not yet figured out how to co-parent together when their relationship has ended. People are in all manner of stages of agreement and disagreement as families. Whatever the circumstance, I invite you to be family on Tuesday, November 4th. Be family for just a few minutes or hours (however long it takes) to go vote on Tuesday.


Tuesday, can be a reason to come together, even if you do not agree. Whether you want to preserve reproductive rights, bolster environmental responsibility and earth care, advocate for same gender marriage, see gun control become a reality, or simply want your voice to be heard for or against any of those things… Whatever your reason, take your family to the polls on Tuesday. Whether you are biologically related, live in the same household, were married two days ago, or still live at home with your parents in your 50’s - go vote! Whether you have children that are toddlers, or it is your teenager’s first opportunity to vote, take them and go vote. Whether you are tied by blood, loyalty, geography, or simply love - take them and go vote. I do not care what your construction of family - take them all to GO VOTE ON TUESDAY. Car pool, take a bus, or walk together… however you get there, just go! You will be surprised by what conversations, tensions, bonding, love and relationships can be built around such a privileged act as voting. Just because we are family, we may not always agree, but even if this is a disagreement, make it worthwhile - and take the time to disagree at the polls. You all can discuss it over family dinner later! It is our right, privilege and duty to act - as a family, on Tuesday November 4th.