In this season of spring burgeoning forth and people being so relieved from the ice, snow, and protective layers of clothes – – it is easy to feel hopeful. Take this opportunity to build hope in your life & the lives around you by planting seeds. 

Here are three pathways to planting:

1) Connect with loved ones. Whether you are deep in litigation or hope to never see the inside of the court room, it is essential to take time to connect with loved ones. They will be your support system in times of need and your cheering section in times of great accomplishment. What I often see in my fields of expertise is people who failed to nurture their important relationships and then seek to hold on to those same relationships in times of crisis. Because we are so busy with our to do lists, we often forget to take time to make the phone call, write the note, send the birthday card, or just simply take the time to say thank you. Make the connection with those you love today. Relationships are like beautiful gardens, if you do not nourish them, they will not grow.

2) Ask for what you need. The best way to nurture old hurts or to go through litigation without full power, is to NOT get your questions answered. Ask! The most challenging seasons for people are times of confusion, hurt, and loss. Do not compound those times by being a lone ranger and an independent martyr (I know this very well). Take time out and genuinely ask for what you need from whomever you think may support you. Give them the opportunity to contribute to your life. Allow the people around you to gladly give you information, time, attention, resources, and/or whatever they can to best support you. Getting what you need will allow seeds of your life to be watered with love, by the people who care for you. 

3) Give to what matters to you. Take a moment and volunteer at your local food bank. Take a dollar and give to a local non-profit. Take time to share your skills and gifts at a local house of faith. Whatever uplifts your spirit — give your time, attention and/or resources away. It keeps the circle of life flowing around you and through you. After all, how could you possibly keep all that good stuff to yourself? Plant a seed in the life of another, growth is bound to happen!

In this season of new beginnings - be hopeful, go plant and watch the growth.