I am realizing that many of us call ourselves family lawyers and often it is a misnomer. Unfortunately, often times we are not lawyers who work for families. Many of us have turned our profession into lawyers who work for one party, get enrolled in their drama, and advocate a position based righteousness, hurt feelings - filtered with a little law in between. What am I saying? A family lawyer can be expected to be just that. A lawyer representing one interest, yet being for the entire family. I am suggesting that family law is about the wholeness of the family. 


Am I a good advocate, yes. Do I get good reliable results for my client, yes. Am I for the families, yes. What am I saying? The job of a family lawyer is to bring professional sanity to a hurt and insane situation. Our job is to bring expertise and compassion to a highly emotional setting. Our job is to advocate for, while redirecting energies and attention to a new future. Yes, a new future. You do not have to always be fighting parents, bitter divorcing adults, disappointed thrown away lovers, or disconnected sons and daughters. There are other possibilities. It is possible for you to get every possible iota of parenting rights, custodial rights, property rights, and/or support monies that you need - without compromising your integrity, sense of compassion, and/or becoming a vindictive bitter reject.


Family law entails highly emotional people and with often times gravely intense longterm consequences. We do not live in a perfect world, where all people simply break up and move on, people effectively co-parent when their relationship has failed, or that grandparents, and other family members do not fight over whose job it is to care for the elders or raise the babies. However, we do live in a world where one action, one word, and one moment in time matters. We live in a world where we as professionals can reduce the drama, lessen the emotional reaction, bring expert advocacy, without fueling hatred and animosity. We live in a world where we as professional can point a client towards a brighter future, where feelings will have subsided, the bad memories will have faded, and closer cooperative relationships or powerful completion of former relationships is possible. We live in a world where we can bring the power of the law, the precision of great trials skills, and the compassion of servicing people for a future of family relationships that can work. We live in a world where the study and skill of a trial lawyer coupled with the love ethic of a human being can make the difference and have families be families after the household and courtroom dramas are long over. Consider our office and consider your future, wherever you may be in the your family relationships and see what are the ways you can prepare your spouse, children, parents, or loved ones for a future where relationships can work and people can thrive. If we may be of service to you, call (313) 963-1049.