The act of being thankful, often seems like a far cry from what is happening when engaged in the legal system, especially in matters of family court. When we think of the an adversarial system such as ours, thankfulness is not an idea that comes to mind. However, I want to encourage you to approach your legal situations with a thankful heart. Does that mean, you do not fight for or advance your own interests? No. Does that mean you do not put forth the relevant facts that advance your cause? No. It does mean that as you do those things you bring with you a thankfulness in your heart and mind and a vision for what you want for your future. When is the last time you approached your legal battles with a focus on the future?

One of the first things I do with my clients is I have them write down their mission statement for my representation of them. This is so that we begin to get present in writing, what do you want your future to look like after this case is over. Said another way, when you look beyond the emotional hurts, the legal procedures, and the current life transition of the case - what do you see? What do you see happening in your life, with your children, relationships, work life, leisure time, etc These are the things you want to begin to consider now! As you gain sound legal advice and get the information you need to navigate your court case, consider your future - after the case is concluded. Work your way back from there. Focusing your attention on a clear statement of the future often times helps you navigate the legal process much faster and with a lot more grace, emotional energy, and speed. Let your lawyer do the worrying for you and simply put your time, energy and attention on thankfulness for the precious moment of now and for your future.

In wellness, peace and wealth, Regina.


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