It is that time of year that often includes family and office gatherings, holiday celebrations, reuniting with friends, sending cards, giving gifts, and many holiday traditions. It all takes planning. It is also that time of year when people are winding down their year and planning new beginnings in the new calendar year. Overall, there is so much to consider, plan, and do. The reality is, the holidays are both a magical and a stressful time for people. 


As people consider who has been naughty and nice, many changes happen during this time of year. For some you will review your gift list, your holiday invite list, or perhaps even where you will travel. Whatever the task, many changes often unfold during this season. During this time of planning many people make major decisions in preparation for the coming year. Whether your holidays are a sources of magic, faith, stress, sadness, or joy - consider these ideas as you go about planning:


1) RELATIONSHIPS CHANGE: Often this time of year, relationships end, begin, change in form and otherwise become different. Whether you find yourself getting engaged, planning a wedding, moving in an elderly parent, or having a new baby, many changes happen. Relationships change and estate and family planning should change with those relationships. Life is dynamic and as your relationships are renewed, ended, restored or expanded - consider what legal, financial, and other family planning documents need to also change.


2) CONSULT THE PROFESSIONALS:  In this age of information accessed at the tips of our fingers, we often think we can simply find the information and do things ourselves. Use the information you may gather about investing, tax consequences, legal principles, etc. to help you form specific questions that are unique to your life and relationships. You are a unique individual with particular relationships, financial make-ups, and life priorities. Get the advice you need from the professionals that have expert information and are practiced at giving you answers. Consult, accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, and other professionals that can help you plan your future and close out your year powerfully.


3) COME PREPARED WITH QUESTIONS:  As you seek out the professionals, come prepared with questions. Use your consultations wisely and get everything you need to make decisions for your family, business, and future. 


After all the busy-ness has settled down and you have decided who is naughty and nice, take a load off your mind and schedule the appointments you see that you need. You can then relax and let the professionals do the work for you. 


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