When I posted a version of this article on Facebook on the actual day of my 20 year business anniversary (January 5, 2015), for some reason it never dawned on me to share this in my website community. What I can say is that as I read the comments of people responding on the page, talked to people about the post, people approached me in many places around the city about this post... I simply became more grateful. Yes it has been 20 years of having the doors of my business open. Although I have practiced law for 22 years, when I consider having my doors open and the number of people and families I have served - I am blown away! Yes, I know I have skills, I know I am good at what I do, but there are lots of immensely talented people whose doors have closed, dreams have died, and who did not make it through the rough times. There are many un-named and un-appreciated who did not make it past year 1, year 5, or even year 15 of their business. There are many who gave up and threw in the towel of their lifelong dreams, when fear, unprofitably, and simple plain old fashioned weariness crept in. Well we are still standing, it has been 20 years, and we are thankful!

Thank God for 20 Years that I have served the people of this State. It has been full of ups and downs. It has been a ride full of lessons graciously learned and lesson that were learn were messy, embarrassing, and full of pain.  It has been 20 years of that are possible only by the grace and guidance of God! It has been 20 years that I have made the impossible possible, fought for results that I did get, and fought even harder for results that never happened. It has been two decades of seeing people get screwed by unjust results from judges and unjust laws form legislators. It has been all those years of meeting some extraordinary colleagues, friends, court staff and citizens that have become friends and confidants. I have also met some judges whose courtrooms I have been relieved to leave, attorney whom I do not know why that call themselves lawyers, and clients that I was glad to see them go. It has also been 20 years that I have experienced courageous judges and jurists take risks that their peers would not and silently do the right thing without cameras, public accolades or recognition. It has been 20 years of arguing before juries, judges, and opposing counsel. It has been 20 years of seeing other colleagues masterfully teach me the beauty of complex legal arguments, that there is no substitute for preparation, and thinking quickly on your feet is a must. 

It has been 20 years of serving people and families that have trusted us to do our best. Thank you God for all the graces, all the knowledge, and all the people. Thank you God for a mind that is still sharp, a heart that is ready to serve, and a business whose doors are still open. Twenty years... But God!