Where does law and faith intersect in your life? At home, at work, while playing basketball, while driving... where? when? For some of you these might seem like weird questions and for yet others it may seem quite natural or logical. I imagine most of you fit in the former category. Most people think of these things as separate and are often quite intrigued when they read the title on my website or letterhead. I will continue to bring this question to light in more depth as I develop more seminars, conversations, and tools to assist people with both legal know how and spiritual fortification. 


In the mean time consider this - law and faith intersect in your life everyday - you simply have not noticed it. Stay tuned, as I have begun production of the short form documentary on law and faith (6-8 minutes) that will air on PBS Public Television. We had an exciting day of filming this past Wednesday, October 28th and I look forward to sharing more with you and to hearing your answers to the questions.